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Top Plam OXY

Stain remover powder with active oxygen

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Top Plam OXY

Cleaning powder for whitening and removal of old food stains  like juices, alcohols, processed fruit and vegetable products, soft drinks (coca-cola), coffee, tea as well as urine, some types of dyes, blood and rust stains. Use mainly after the main wash and rinsing. Ideal for use on natural fibers, both plant and animal: wool, cotton, flax, silk, jute, hemp, coir. Suitable for use on synthetic fibers.  


  • Natural or artificial textile surfaces with a permanent colors (tablecloth, cloth, bedclothes, carpets, textile ect.)


Method of use:

  • For old dried stain removal – apply directly onto a stain, damp with water and leave to work for one and a half up to two hours.
  •  Keep damping the surface with water every 30 minutes to activate   Then vacuum the surface to remove the dirt and rinse away with clean water using extraction machine.
  • For fresh stain removal – dilute with water at a ratio of 1:3
Product code
T-45/0005G 500g (Opakowanie zbiorcze 15 szt.)
T-45/005 5l
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