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Steel Strong

The removal of mineral deposits from stainless steel (scale and rust)

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Steel Strong

A fast acting and highly effective cleaner with a neutral fragrance designed to remove hard water deposits and rust stains from stainless steel surfaces and equipment. Ideal for use on sinks, stoves, panels, decorative elements, window sills, hoods and tables.

 Designation  :

  • equipment and items made of stainless steel shiny and matte;
  •  tables, sinks, handrails.


Method of use :

  • use undiluted. Apply to the surface, allow to work 2-5 minutes, scrub with a sponge, then rinse with clean water.
  •  Food contact surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed with clean potable water.
Product code
DS-25/0025 0,25l (Opakowanie zbiorcze 6 szt.)
DS-25G 0,75l (bulk pack contains 8 pieces)
DS-25/001S 1l ( sprayer)
DS-25/005 5l
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