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Sett stone deep cleaning 1

Removing oil stains from sett stone

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Sett stone  deep cleaning 1

A highly concentrated high foam cleaner with two-phase formula for degreasing and deep cleaning of block paving (concrete blocks, blocks made by Polbruk, Pozbruk, Baum) from oil contaminants including lubricant oils, oils, soot, general dirt, fuel oils etc. Ideal for heavily soiled areas around workshops, production halls, petrol stations, transport depots, car parks, garages etc.


  • Paving (concrete blocks, Polbruk, Pozbruk, Baum cubes).

Method of use:

  • Shake well before use. Prepare working solution prior to use. Use at a dilution of 5-10% (500-1000ml/10l of water).
  • Apply to the soiled surface using a sprayer or foam lance, leave to penetrate for about 5-15minutes, then rinse with hot pressure water (70-80 °C).
  •  After cleaning rinse the surface with hot water to prevent the resoiling of the surface. Note! For better result use steam  (up to 130 °C) for rinsing of block paving. Clean surface can be impregnated with Block paving impregnator (Konserwacja kostki brukowej).
Product code
DS-07/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
DS-07/010 10l
DS-07/005 5l
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