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Truck Clean Extra

Heavy soiling – pressure washing (active foam)

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Truck Clean Extra

A highly concentrated alkaline cleaner for cleaning heavily soiled trucks, agricultural machinery, engines and other alkaline-resistant surfaces


  • trucks, cisterns, lift trucks, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, vehicles of special purpose ( ice trucks, for vegetables, fruit, meat transport – only for washing surfaces which do not have direct contact with food)
  • canvas covers,
  • engines


Methods of use:

  • Foam lance: dilute with water at the ratio of 1:2 up to 1:5;
  • Manual washing: use at a dilution of 50 ml / 10 liters of water;
  • Engine cleaning: dilute with water at the ratio of 1:15 up to 1:30;
  • Rinse with clean water, preferably high pressure water.
  • Attention: Shake well before use. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface
Product code
A-103/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
A-103/U-04/005 płyn - opakowanie 5l
A-103/010 10l
A-103/020 20l
A-103/200 200l
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