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Rollex Fresh

Rollex Fresh .Polishing and conservation the car body in motor vehicles. Concentrate. About the floral scent.

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Rollex Fresh

Shining polymer impregnate in liquid for motor vehicles. Accelerates the drying process; protects motor varnishes against the negative effect of atmospheric agents.  Dries automatically without the additional airflow. Floral scent


  •     Automatic car washes , Manual car washes.

Methods of use:

  •     Conservation and drying: 1:500 with water (15- 25 ml of solution / passenger car). Rinse with water. In case of manual washing apply by pneumatic or manual spry. To achieve the best results, use demineralized water.
Product code
F-45/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
F-45/005 5l
F-45/010 10l
F-45/020 20l
F-45/200 200l
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