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Plastic and rubber protection. Monomer of Formula 14Si.

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Plastic and rubber protection. Monomer of Formula 14Si.  Innovative product for protection of plastic and rubber surface s. Its unique formulation based on quartz creates a durable hydrophobic coating. Protects against moisture, salt and bad weather conditions. It prevents  dirt build- up. Revitalizes and restores color and shine. Recommended for faded and etched plastic and rubber elements .

Application area:

  • plastic and rubber surfaces


Method of use:

  • The application should  be carried out at room temperature.
  • Apply  PR  onto clean and dry surface and evenly distribute using an applicator;
  • once the coat is dry, polish it using a soft cloth or a soft brush to get a better result.
Product code
F-54/0025 0,25l (Opakowanie zbiorcze 6 szt.)
F-54/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
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