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Alux Strong Extra

deep cleaning aluminium wheel rims

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Alux Strong Extra

Acidic highly concentrated product for periodic washing heavily soiled items from aluminum alloys, light metals. The product is recommended for cleaning and polishing the sides of trucks and alloy wheels (except for the painted and chromed). Washed by etching the surface; works instantly. The product removes dulling and sediments from Pad Set can be used to remove scale from the tanks


  • alloy wheel rims, aluminum sides (except for the painted and chromed)


Methods of use:

  • Use as aqueous solutions depending on the degree of surface contamination from 1:3 to 1:10.Apply to the cleaned surface by spray or brush (safer) and then immediately wash with water, preferably with water under pressure.Note! Preparation mats glass. Do not use on stainless stee
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