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Washing green coatings

Moss and lichen remover

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Washing green coatings

Moss and lichen remover designed to remove algae, mosses, lichens and mold from block paved surfaces. Ideal for cleaning and protection of paving blocks against the harmful effect of green algae. Provides the long lasting protection and at the same time creates the environent to prevent the growth of microorganism.


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Method of use:

  • Prepare 8-10% solution (80-100ml/1l of water). Apply to the surface using a sprayer.
  • Product removes mosses and lichens within 12-24 hours. Note! In case of bright or colourful surfaces a soft brush or high pressure washer can be used for cleaning. 1-2% solution (10-20ml/1 l of water) can be applied to clean surfaces to prevent re-growth.
  • Note! The cleaning process should be done early in the morning or late in the evening in order to reduce the time of eveporation. Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.  
Product code
DS-09/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
DS-09/005 5l
DS-09/010 10l
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