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Cleaning thoroughly a Sett stone 2

Removing oil stains from block paving

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 Cleaning thoroughly a Sett stone 2

A  low foam alkaline cleaner for cleaning concrete surfaces from oil contaminants such as lubricant oils, fuel oils, and other oils. Rocommended for soiled industrial surfaces in workshops, undeground garages, production halls, logistics centers, communication routes etc

Designation :

  • sett stone (concrete paving blocks, Polbruk, Pozbruk, the Baum cube) , workshops ,factory floors , gas stations ,parking lots

Method of use:

  • use at a dilution of 2-5% (200-500ml/10l of water). Apply to the surface and leave for about 5 minutes. 
  • Use one-disc rotating machine or scrubber dryer with suitable parametres.
  •  Note! Small areas can be cleaned with a rice-root scouring brush or pad holder with scrubbing pad. After cleaning rinse the surface with clean water to prevent resoiling of the surface. For daily cleaning use at a dilution of 1-2% (100-200ml/10l of water).
Product code
DS-08/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
DS-08/005 5l
DS-08/010 10l
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