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Periodic cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities.

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Antibacterial, acidic washing liquid in concentrate. For cleaning thoroughly, disinfection and current washing sanitary facilities, quickly and often getting dirty. Removes calcareous stone, dirt, deposits of soaps, discolourations in the form of rust, urinal swellings. Safe for all kind of acid proof surface, leaves antiseptic aroma. Is demonstrating antibacterial action according to norms: PN-EN 1276 and PN-EN 13697.

Bathtubs, shower, bathroom fittings, stainless steel components.
Toilets, urinals, sinks (devices, ceramic and plastic), tiling, flooring.
Methods of use
• bathtubs, shower cubicles, floors :1-2%(100-200ml/ 10 l of water)
• toilet bowls, urinals, sinks: 1÷10% ( 100÷1000 ml/ 10 l of water )
• apply using rag or sprayer; wipe and rinse with water;
• for disinfection : 40% (4 l/10 l of water); preparation apply on the surface and leave for 5 min
• wash with clean water
Wipe and wash with antibacterial effect: 40% (4l / 10 liters of water);
Product code
T-51/010 10l
T-51/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
T-51/200 200l
T-51/020 20l
T-51/005 5l
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