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Top Efekt SANIT

Everyday washing and maintenance of sanitary facilities and devices

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Top Efekt SANIT

Concentrated, acidic formulation for daily cleaning sanitary facilities. Removes  pollutants of the inorganic origin: water swellings, stone, rust, remains of soaps. Gentle - does not damage stainless steel, gives shine. Recommended to exclusive surfaces.

• bathtubs, shower cubicles , bathroom fittings ( enamel devices), stainless steel elements • toilet bowls, urinals, sinks (ceramic and plastic ) • tiling, floors
Methods of use
• bathtub :100-200 ml/10 l of water ; • toilet bowls:100-500 ml/10 l of water, rinse with water ; • tails: 50-100 ml/10 l of water ,After cleaning wash and rinse the surface out with running water;
Product code
T-03/005 5l
T-03/200 200l
T-03/020 20l
T-03/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
T-03/010 10l
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