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Sanit Dez

Current washing and disinfection of sanitary facilities

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Sanit Dez

Antibacterial lactic acid-based gel for cleaning and disinfecting sanitary facilities on daily basis. Safe on all washable surfaces including chrome, nickel, enamel, acrylic, glass, plastic surfaces. Cleans, disinfects and leaves the surface free of streaks in one operation. Effectively removes daily dirt and mineral soiling: hard water stains, mineral deposits and soap scum. Leaves a long-lasting fresh floral fragrance


• tiling, floors • toilet bowls, urinals, sinks (ceramic and plastic ) • bathtubs, shower cubicles , bathroom fittings ( enamel devices), stainless steel elements
Methods of use
• for disinfection do not use dilute • apply preparation and leave for 5 min • rinse well with clean water • standard cleaning: • solution • 1-2 % (100-200 ml/10 l of water ) apply on surface • Wipe with a rag - best microfibre • Rinse with water
Product code
T-50/010 10l
T-50/200 200l
T-50/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
T-50/020 20l
T-50/005 5l
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