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Top Efekt MAX

Interior fittings , panels – Everyday care

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Top Efekt MAX

A versatile cleaner  easily removes everyday dirt. Dries fast leaving a streak –free finish and a fine protective shine film. Freshens leaving a pleasant fragrance. Recommended for use on all types of office furniture, varnished wood and laminate floorings, interior fittings. Leaves no light reflections           


House and office interior (furniture, electronics) doors, sills, handrails.
Laminated panels, preserved wooden floors, laminates, flexible floor coverings (linoleum, PVC).
Methods of use
Current wash: 25-50 ml/ 10 l of water;
Spot cleaning - undiluted;
Spray method: panels cleaning;
Machine wash: 50-100 ml/ 10 l of water;
Product code
B-02/010 10l
B-02/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
B-02/020 20l
B-02/200 200l
B-02/005 5l
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