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Top Efekt Kan

Hard Floors preservation

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Top Efekt Kan

Ready to use self-glaze acrylic emulsion for protecting hard floors. Protects the surface against the ingress of dirt. Has filling and supplementing properties. It is suitable for polishing and easily removable. Recommended to porous and absorbent stone  floors.


Designation  :

  •  inside of facility;
  •  protection of any type of washable floor - terrazzo, tile, concrete, stone uncured;
  •  PVC.

Method of use :

  •  apply 2-3 layers. Do not dilute
  •    For maintenance do not use a solution containing ammonia;
  •   Renovation and maintenance using the "spray" - 1: 1 with water;
  •   grounding absorbent surfaces: Proston - one layer;daily washing TopEfekt Diam: 25 ml / 10 liters of water, TopEfekt: 25-50 ml / 10 liters of water;
  •   self-curing time - approx. 8 hours;
  •   polishing with high speed rotary floor polishing machine (HS).
Product code
P-09/200 200l
P-09/020 20l
P-09/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
P-09/010 10l
P-09/005 5l
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