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Stone impreganator

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Impregnator for artificial and natural unglazed stone (concrete, paving blocks, unglazed ceramic tiles) and cement joints. Recommended for  impregnation of concrete, sandstone and unglazed clinker facades/elevation.  Protects against moisture  and dirt. The impregnated surfaces are easier to clean after building works. Reduces the penetration of water, soot, oils into surfaces. Resistant to weather changing impacts. Environmental safety product. Suitable for both interior and exterior application.


Designation :

  • Porous stone floors inside (shopping malls, underground garages, corridors and stairs in hotels, office buildings and so on.



 Method of use:

  • use neat. Apply through a sprayer at above-zero temperatures.
  •  In case of surfaces with low absorbency apply with a cloth, sponge or paintbrush. Coverage rate - 100ml/1 m². 
  • Apply 1 layer of Pro Stone for impregnation of surfaces with high absorbency prior to polish application.
Product code
P-10/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
P-10/020 20l
P-10/010 10l
P-10/200 200l
P-10/005 5l
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