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De-Zal GT

Liquid for hands disinfection

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De-Zal GT

Non-rinse hand sanitiser. Recommended for use in the food industry, catering and healthcare establishments.

Designation  : Food contact  ( catering and gastronomy business),

  • medical practice (health care).

Method of use :

  • use undiluted; apply 3 ml of hand sanitiser to dry hands and rub in for 30 seconds; leave to dry.
Product code
SP-22/005 5l
SP-22/020 20l
SP-22/200 200l
SP-22/010 10l
SP-22C 0,25l (Opakowanie zbiorcze 6 szt.)
SP-22/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
SP-22/001p 1l (dozownik)
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