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Top Efekt Contra

Deep Cleaning floors in large stores

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Top Efekt Contra

Concentrated low foaming, intensive cleaning agent with a wide range of applications, recommended

for thorough cleaning heavily polluted industrial floors using washing machines. Do not leave streaks. Removes most of polymer lining from floors  resistant to the alkali. Removes strong dirt, fat.

Designation  :

  • Heavy soiled surface in : warehouse, hypermarkets, shopping networks, industrial objects.

Method of use :

  •  machine cleaning : 50-200 ml/10l  of water;
  • removal of old coats:1-3l/10l of water
  •  deep cleaning :200-500 ml/10l of water
  •  Final washing  only with water makes difficult to re-dirt the floors.
Product code
I-04/200 200l
I-04/020 20l
I-04/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
I-04/010 10l
I-04/005 5l
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