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Top Efekt Zero

Cleaner for sensitive surfaces (hard and textile floorings)

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Top Efekt Zero

Eco-friendly unscented floor cleaner. Free of surfactants. Fully biodegradable. Designed for daily cleaning of hard and textile flooring, water and alcohol- resistant surfaces. Maintains natural properties of cleaned surfaces. Leaves the surface free of streaks. 


Designation :

  • apartments people with pets;
  •  apartments people suffering from allergies;
  • The whereabouts of the young children (kindergartens, nurseries);
  • Wooden floors, wood, laminates;
  • Carpeting - refreshing;ceramic tiles;Features the premises.


Method of use:

  • For manual, machine, extraction cleaning or trigger spray application– use at a dilution of 50-100ml/10l of water.
  • Rinsing is not required. Use wet/dry vacuum cleaner to remove loosened dirt from textile surfaces.
Product code
B-05/200 200l
B-05/010 10l
B-05/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
B-05/020 20l
B-05/005 5l
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