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Ronal CLAN

Cleaning thoroughly stone and industrial floors

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Ronal CLAN

Extremely effective alkali  formulation  for  removing strong impurities from the industrial and stone floors. Removes contaminants of graphite, grease, oil, soot and industrial pollution. Intense action on the porous stone surfaces,  does not leave streaks.


  • hard industrial floors, e.g. concrete, terrazzo, milled rock tiles, unglazed ceramic clinker.


Method of use:

  • for daily cleaning use at the dilution of 200ml/10l of water; for deep cleaning – 400ml/10 l of water.
Product code
I-09/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
I-09/200 200l
I-09/020 20l
I-09/010 10l
I-09/005 5l
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