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Gres Kam

Cleaning thoroughly milled rock and milled granite floors (gres)

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Gres Kam

An alkaline cleaner  for cleaning stone and ceramic tiles with rough or micro- porous structure. Removes heavy soiling. Leaves no streaks. Recommended for cleaning artificial stone surfaces, especially suitable  for micro-porous ceramic tiles.

Designation  :

  • All uncoated hard artificial stone and  ceramic floors ,unglazed   surfaces :clinker, concrete, terracotta, milled rock or milled granite rock tiles .


Method of use :

  •   for daily cleaning use at the dilution of 50-100ml/10l of water; for deep cleaning (the removal of old polish films) – 1-2l/10 l of water;
  •  for heavy traffic areas – 100-200ml/10l of water. After cleaning rinse the surface with clean water.
Product code
I-06/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
I-06/020 20l
I-06/200 200l
I-06/010 10l
I-06/005 5l
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