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Washing carpets by mechanical method using a brush (shampooing method).

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A concentrated high foaming detergent for carpet shampooing. Free of optical brighteners and solvents. Creates a dense foam. Penetrates deep into the fibers, leaves a pleasant fragrance after use.  Rinsing is requiredAttention ! use warm water for solution


Cleaning all textile, water resistant surfaces ( carpets, fitted carpet ) with very strong pollution strengthen by preparation TopEfekt STR.
Methods of use
Carpet, upholstery, floor lining cleaning, textile: 100-400 ml/ 10 l of water;
Rinse well, extraction method;
• use without dilution; • pour over the sink drainage preparation ( about 100 ml) • wait 15 minutes , rinse well with hot water . • in case of strong soiling repeat the operation .
Wash with warm water;
Test delicate textile before use;
For heavy contamination(stains) use with TopEfekt STR;
Product code
D-01/200 200l
D-01/010 10l
D-01/020 20l
D-01/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
D-01/005 5l
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