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Top Efekt Sanit

Everyday washing and maintenance of sanitary facilities and devices

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Top Efekt Sanit

Concentrated, acidic formulation for daily cleaning sanitary facilities. Removes  pollutants of the inorganic origin: water swellings, stone, rust, remains of soaps. Gentle - does not damage stainless steel, gives shine. Recommended to exclusive surfaces.

Toilets, urinals, sinks (devices, ceramic and plastic), tiling, flooring.
Sanitary facilities
Bathtubs, shower, bathroom fittings, stainless steel components, balustrades, handrails, pipe.
Methods of use
After cleaning rinse with clean water;
Ceramic tills: 50-100 ml/ 10 l of water;
Bathtubs : 100-200 ml/ 10 l of water;
Toilets: 100-500 ml/10 l of water;
Spray on the surface, brush;
Cleaning: concentrate;
Product code
T-03/005 5l
T-03/200 200l
T-03/020 20l
T-03/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
T-03/010 10l
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