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Derast Żel

Removing limestone sediment and rust – Gel

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Derast Żel

A ready-to-use acid-based gel for the removal of rust, concrete, limescale deposits, boiler scale. Can be use safely on acid resistant surfaces. Contains hydrochloric acid. Not suitable for use on enamel surfaces. Do not allow solution to dry on surface. Recommended for spot application.

Method of use :

  • Use undiluted. Apply to the soiled surface, allow 2-5 minutes contact time. Rinse well with strong stream of water.  Reapply if necessary.
Product code
T-04/010 10l
T-04/020 20l
T-04/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
T-04/200 200l
T-04/005 5l
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