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UNI Shine GT

Cleaning and maintenance with polishing - universal

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UNI Shine GT

A ready-to-use spray cleaner and maintainer with a pleasant fresh fragrance. Ideal for all shine surfaces (varnished, glazed), furniture, worktops, floors, handrails, window sills, interior fittings, panelling. Effectively cleans the surface leaving a sparkling finish, prevents dirt build up. Economical in use. Safe on all delicate surfaces. Does not leave oily film on the surface. Biodegradable, environment-friendly product


• All surface ( glazed, glossy, enameled ) • Furniture , tables, railings, sills, house interior • floors and wooden panelling from protected wood • laminates, laminated panels
Methods of use
Spray on the surface 1÷2ml/ 1m² ;
Wipe with microfiber rag;
Polish to dry;
Product code
G-35G 0,75l (bulk pack contains 8 pieces)
G-35/005 5l
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