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Gran Rex

Washing dishes by immersion method.

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Gran Rex

High alkaline manual dish wash detergent for use in commercial kitchens. Easily and effectively removes grease, dirt, stains and dried food debris. Rinses easily and leaves dishes clean without streaks.


Designation :

  • Kitchen dishes in canteens, bars, restaurants and also in hotels and hospitals

Method of use:

  • Dishwashing can be done by the immersion method; prepare the solution: 0,1–0,6% (10- 60 ml/ 10 l of water);
  • old dirt and staining: 1-2% (100-200 ml/ 10 l of water); 
  • the temperature of water is at least 30 - 40°C; apply the detergent through a dispenser;
  •  rinse washed dishes with clean running water. Attention: Do not use neat.
Product code
SP-16/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
SP-16/005 5l
SP-16/010 10l
SP-16/020 20l
SP-16/200 200l
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