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Top Efekt Exotic

Washing floors and inside fittings - exotic fruits smell.

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Top Efekt Exotic

Product  for  daily maintenance inside fittings and floors resistant to action of water. Quickly and effectively removes dirt, leaves no streaks, quickly dries and lives a shiny finish.. PH neutral . Characterized by a pleasant fragrance  of exotic fruits.


  • Waterproof floor with glazed ceramic tiles, stone, PVC, lacquered wood, cork, plastic and wood   panels,-
  • To clean lacquered furniture, office equipment and other items of equipment rooms,- Glassy surfaces, shiny surfaces


  • Before using refer to the data sheets of chemical mixtures.-Hand washing :Solution 0,25-0,5% (25-50ml/10 l of water)
  • -applied to the contaminated surface with the mop or cloth, Wipe dry or allow to dry-sprayer : 2,5-5 ml/ 1l of water ;-
  • Washing machine 50 to 100 ml / 10 l of water;- Does not require rinsing with water.
Product code
P-11/200 200l
P-11/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
P-11/020 20l
P-11/010 10l
P-11/005 5l
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