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Gran Diw Glass

Washing glassware, glass in dishwashers

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Gran Diw Glass

High alkaline unscented liquid for washing glassware in bar glasswashers. Effektively removes stains and food debris leaving a sparkling finish. Suitable for use in restaurants and bars as well as for household use. Not suitable for aluminium dishes. Prevents glass surfaces from hazing and corroision. When using soft and medium hard water for glass washing rinse additive is not required.   PZH seal of approval No. HŻ/ 01110 / 01 / 2012. 



  • Mechanical cleaning kitchenware in catering institutions, hotels, restaurants, bars etc.

Method of use:  

  • adjust the solution to the wash cycle of glasswashing machine: at least 3-5ml/1l of water. The temperature of water is at least 40-60°C.
Product code
SP-35/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
SP-35/005 5l
SP-35/010 10l
SP-35/020 20l
SP-35/200 200l
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