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Gran Ston

Periodic descaling catering equipment

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Gran Ston

Unscented phosphoric acid-based descaler for catering equipment (pots, boilers, dishwashers). Effectively removes limescale deposits from hard water. Rinsing with clean water is required.



  • metal dishes, boilers • dish washers, scalding machine • sanitary equipment, pools

Method of use:

  • dilution rate 10-100ml/10l of water, contact time -15-30 minutes; for boilers – dilution rate 300ml/10l of water; after descaling rinse the equipment thoroughly with clean water;  if necessary repeat the descaling process.
Product code
SP-10/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
SP-10/010 10l
SP-10/200 200l
SP-10/020 20l
SP-10/005 5l
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