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Food industry surface cleaning

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Top Perfekt

A low-foam  degreaser and cleaner  for current  and deep cleaning of surfaces immune to alkali .Dissolves old  oil - fatty pollutants of animal and plant  origin. Works perfectly with hard cold water .Recommended to all  hard surfaces of all kinds in the kitchen , gastronomy and the food industry. Safety for environment


  • Surfaces in the food industry and industrial kitchens;
  • Hard floor concrete, terrazzo, resin, brick, ceramic, natural stone, artificial stone, ceramic surfaces matt or glazed pavement, polbruk, flagstone;Flexible Floor:
  • PVC, linoleum, vinyl, Lentex, linoleum

Method  of use:

  • use diluted; for daily cleaning – 25-50ml/10l of water; for deep cleaning – 100-200ml/10l of water; for removing tough grease build –ups - dilute the product with warm water at a temperature of 40°C.



Product code
I-11/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
I-11/010 10l
I-11/020 20l
I-11/200 200l
I-11/005 5l
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