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Pobudowlane czyszczenie posadzek 1

Post-building cleaning of acid resistant floors 1

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Pobudowlane czyszczenie posadzek 1

A strong acid-based product for post-building cleaning of acid resistant floors. Removes cement, grout, concrete and adhesive residues from floors. Contains hydrochloric acid. 

Designation  :

  • removal contaminants  from floors after constructionremoving grout and cement mortars;
  • removal of concrete remnants .


Method of use :

  • Sweep or vacuum the surface first, thoroughly pre-wet absorbent surfaces such as concrete, terrazzo, cement grout, natural stone with water before applying the cleaner.
  • Dilute with water at a ratio of 1:50 up to 1:10 (200ml-1000ml/10l of water). Apply the solution to the surface and allow 10 minutes contact time (do not allow the solution to dry out on the surface).
  • Then agitate with a brush, scrubbing pad or sponge, rinse away with clean water using a mop and wipe dry.
Product code
DT-04/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
DT-04/005 5l
DT-04/010 10l
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