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Gran Dez 2008

Cleaning and the sour disinfection

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Gran Dez 2008

An odourless acid-based detergent for cleaning and disinfecting acid resistant surfaces in commercial kitchens, food industry. Recommended for disinfecting stailess steel machinery and equipment (including non-ferrous metals) which come into contact with food or animal feed. Does not contain harmful ingredients. Removes limescale deposits, rust stains and heavy soiling. Tested to PN-EN 1276, PN-EN 1650, PN-EN 13697. The biocidal product authorisation No 3437/08. .


  • All surface from stainless steel, chromium, nickel , brass being in contact with food. • meat processing equipment : saws, knives, tables, boilers, carts, aluminum internal means of transport. • rooms and sanitary facilities

Method of use: 

  • always read and follow label directions; disinfection - use water at a temperature of 20°C;
  •  killing bacteria - use 2% solution (200ml/10l of water), allow 5 minutes contact time; killing fungi - use 5% solution (500ml/10l of water), allow 15 minutes contact time; rinse with clean water.
  • The required ventilation time is 5 minutes.
Product code
SP-25/200 200l
SP-25/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
SP-25/010 10l
SP-25/020 20l
SP-25/005 5l
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