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Gran Alka Dez

Cleaning and the alkaline disinfection.( Without chlorine )

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Gran Alka Dez

An odourless alcaline bactericidal degreaser for cleaning and disinfecting all hard surfaces, floors, machinery and equipment which come into contact with food. Removes heavy soiling and protein contamination from meet processing equipment. Can be used in a wide range of applications. Safe on all water washable surfaces. Contains anti-corrosive agent. Tested to PN-EN 1276, PN-EN 1650, PN-EN 13697. The biocidal product authorisation No 3473/08.

Designation  :

  • Food industry, kitchen, gastronomy, tables, slicers, conveyor belts, carts, other equipment, containers, plastic and metal packages knives, saws, axes, ladles, forks,  insides of vehicles for the transport of the food,shelving, storage facilities for food,  working clothes, shoes, gloves, doormats

Method of use :

  • Always read and follow label directions; disinfection - use water at a temperature of 20°C;
  • killing fungi - use at a dilution of 200ml/10l of water;
  • allow 15 minutes contact time; killing bacteria - use at a dilution of 200ml/10l of water;
  •  allow 5 minutes contact time; rinse with clean water. The required ventilation time is 5 minutes.
Product code
SP-24/020 20l
SP-24/010 10l
SP-24/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
SP-24/200 200l
SP-24/005 5l
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