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Gran Pres AGD

Cleaning the coffee machine

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Gran Pres AGD

Powder on the basis of active oxygen for cleaning coffee makers  from  persistent deposits. Removes contaminants from porcelain, and internal surface of a thermos. Recommended for professional  coffee machines.


• professional coffee machines. • porcelain dishes • thermos
Methods of use
make a working solution 1-2% (from 10 to 20 g on 1 l of water). Immerse previously dismantled module for brewing the coffee (automatic express trains) and leave for about 15 minutes, then exactly wash and rinse out with the water. In case of professional coffee makers put 1-2 teaspoons of powder to of so-called “blind sieve”. Turn on for about 5- 10 sec. After about 30 sec. turn it again and repeat the process till total emptying the sieve. Thoroughly flush the system with running hot water about 0.5-1 l.
Product code
SP-39/0005G 500g (Opakowanie zbiorcze 15 szt.)
SP-39/003G 3kg
SP-39/005G 5kg
SP-39/010G 10kg
SP-39/025G 25kg
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