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Gran Gar

Washing pots, frying pans

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Gran Gar

Alkaline no-foam cleaner with a lemon fragrance for cleaning   enamel pots, frying pans, enamel and stainless steel boilers. Reduces water hardness leaving a clean and streak-free finish. Effectively removes  grease, baked on food  and other food deposits. Recommended for  manual and machine  dishwashing. 



  • enameled pots and from stainless steel • frying pans, pots, metal sheets • deep-fat-fryers, toasters, waffle irons

Method of use:

  • apply the detergent through a dispenser; manual dishwashing at a temperature of 40°C;
  • make the solution 100-200 ml/ 10 l of water; old grease build-up: 1-2 l/ 10 l of water; rinse washed dishes/equipment thoroughly with clean running water;
  •  for automatic dishwashing machine adjust the solution to the wash cycle of dishwashing machine.
Product code
SP-08/020 20l
SP-08/010 10l
SP-08/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
SP-08/200 200l
SP-08/005 5l
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