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Gran Smog Extra

Heavy duty grill and oven cleaner

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Gran Smog Extra

A highly concentrated, high-foaming detergent for cleaning  smoking chambers, grills and grates, ovens, fireplaces, stoves. Easily removes  soot and smoke film caused by fires from all surfaces. Recommended for industrial use.  Do not use on aluminium. Gran Smog Extra is much stronger than Gran Smog.


  • Ovens, bakery tunnels , grills, fireplaces, smoking chambers, chimneys smoke extraction

Method of use:

  • stubborn layers of grease and fire residues (soot and smoke):
  • dilute 3-4l/10 l of water; daily cleaning - dilute 500-1000ml/10l of water;
  • the temperature of water - 40-60°C;  contact time - 15 minutes; rinse with clean hot water and leave to dry.


Product code
SP28/005 5l
SP28/010 10l
SP28/020 20l
SP28/200 200l
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