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Gran Cito

Kitchen equipment descaler - daily cleaning

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Gran Cito

Unscented citric acid-based descaler for kettles, electric immersion water heaters. Siutable for use in dishwashing machine to prevent limescale build-up.  Rinsing with clean water is required. PZH seal of approval No. HŻ/ 02385 / 02 / 2012.


  •  kettles, electric heaters • coffee makers • dish washers • sinks, shower trays • nickeled, chromed, steel, copper areas

Method of use:

  • dilute rate – 20-200ml/1 l of water; contact time 15-30 minutes;   if necessary repeat the descaling process. The product can be used undiluted.
Product code
SP-11/010 10l
SP-11/020 20l
SP-11/200 200l
SP-11/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
SP-11/005 5l
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