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Truck Clean

Washing commercial vehicles, tarpaulins - active foam

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Truck Clean

Concentrated strong alkaline agent about  wide range of applications.; recommended for washing extremely dirtied  hard areas , immune to alkali. Possibility of using for washing:  vehicles, machines and devices in the automotive industry, heavy industry as well as in agriculture. It is characterized by high efficiency. NOTE ! Avoid use the preparation on heated and sunlight surface.!

Lorries, canvas covers, motors, tanker lorries, fork lifts trucks, construction machinery, farm machinery, special vehicles.
Methods of use
Rinse with high pressure water;
Engine wash: 1:15 - 1:30 with water;
Do not leave to dry;
Sprayer: winter 1:30 with water, summer 1:100 with water;
Foam or disinfection lance: winter 1:2, summer 1:5 with water;
Hand wash: 50-100 ml/10 l of water;
Product code
A-07/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
A-07/200 200l
A-07/010 10l
A-07/020 20l
A-07/005 5l
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