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Truck Clean

Washing commercial vehicles, tarpaulins - active foam

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Truck Clean

Concentrated strong alkaline agent about  wide range of applications.; recommended for washing extremely dirtied  hard areas , immune to alkali. Possibility of using for washing:  vehicles, machines and devices in the automotive industry, heavy industry as well as in agriculture. It is characterized by high efficiency. NOTE ! Avoid use the preparation on heated and sunlight surface.!

Lorries, canvas covers, motors, tanker lorries, fork lifts trucks, construction machinery, farm machinery, special vehicles.
Methods of use
Hand wash: 50-100 ml/10 l of water;
Foam or disinfection lance: winter 1:2, summer 1:5 with water;
Rinse with high pressure water;
Engine wash: 1:15 - 1:30 with water;
Do not leave to dry;
Sprayer: winter 1:30 with water, summer 1:100 with water;
Product code
A-07/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
A-07/200 200l
A-07/010 10l
A-07/020 20l
A-07/005 5l
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