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Polishing and maintenance of the car body

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Gloss , highly concentrated polymer impregnant  in liquid  for motor vehicles. Accelerates the drying process; protects motor varnishes before negative effect of atmospheric agents. Guarantees the excellent effect of carrying water from the car body of the car, dries automatically.

Portal and tunnel car washes, automated car washes, hand car wash, self-service high pressure car wash (powder).
Methods of use
use according to carwash program,
Polish and conservation: 1:500 with water;
Rinse with clean water;
For hand wash spray on the surface;
For better results use demineralized water.
For polish and conservation check car wash program;
Polish and conservation: 1:500 with water (20 ml/ 10l of water);
Product code
A-12/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
A-12/005 5l
A-12/010 10l
A-12/020 20l
A-12/200 200l
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