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Mono Truck

For washing any type of car body – active foam

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Mono Truck

A concentrated alkaline detergent for cleaning soiled car bodies, sides, wheels, bottoms and tarpaulins. A versatile cleaner, ideal for cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, off-road vehicles,  buses, quad bikes. Suitable for use in touchless car washes and brush system car washes. It can be used for both pre-wash and main wash.

Methods of use
• sprayer : - in winter 1:80 with water - in summer 1:100 with water • engine washing : 1:20 with water • lance for foam - in winter 1:4 with water - in summer 1:5 with water Wash with water under high pressure • manual washing : -solution 0,25-0,5% (25-50ml / 10l of water Wash with water under pressure Attention !! do not let dry on car body
Product code
F-06/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
F-06/010 10l
F-06/020 20l
F-06/200 200l
F-06/005 5l
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