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Car Max Eco

Washing the car body of vehicles - active foam.( Ecological)

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Car Max Eco

Eco-friendly preparation for  touchless washing  of  passenger cars and delivery. The concentrated formula allows to get excellent effects of washing. Foaming, safe for varnish and other cleaned areas. Washes dirt road, atmospheric pollutions, dust, streaks, fat, wood pollens, mud, soil, sand, road salt.

 It doesn't contain phosphates and NTA. Recommended for frequent washing the car body of vehicles.

NOTE !Avoid use preparation on heated places and direct sunlight.!

• personal cars, trucks, delivery cars, buses Can be used in self-serviced car wash
Methods of use
Method of use : • sprayer : - means of transportation : - in winter 1:20 with water - in summer 1:50 with water • lance for foam or disinfection: - in winter 1:1 with water - in summer 1:2 with water • wash with water under high pressure • manual washing : solution 1% (100 ml/ 10 l of water) • wash with running water. Attention! prevent for drying on the car body
Product code
A-36/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
A-36/020 20l
A-36/010 10l
A-36/200 200l
A-36/005 5l
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