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Top Klin

Spot cleaning

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Top Klin

A ready-to-use cleaner that contains no abrasive materials and oils. Removes any marks from pens, pencils, tracing paper, printer ink, marker pens as well as some types of spray paints (graffiti) and adhesive residues.  

• Furniture, telephones, computer equipment, desks, benches, blackboards Attention: Do not use for liquid crystal displays.
Methods of use
• apply with the sprinkler • leave for a while • wipe and polish with piece of cloth - best of the microfiber
Product code
T-35C 0,25l (Opakowanie zbiorcze 6 szt.)
T-35Q 0,5l (Package include 16 items)
T-35/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
T-35/005 5l
T-35/010 10l
T-35/020 20l
T-35/200 200l
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