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Top Efekt KOK

Care over cockpits and plastic elements (matt effect)

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Top Efekt KOK

Anti-Glare formulation for maitenance and cleaning the cockpit and other plastic surfaces inside the vehicle. Creates matte protective layer on the surface. Removes smudges of dirt (stains, damp patches, current dirt). Leaves a pleasant scent and does not form a greasy raids.


Interior car - plastic elements.
Methods of use
Wipe to dry using clean rag;
Apply using sprayer or soft rag;
Product code
A-26Q 0,5l (Package include 16 items)
A-26/001S 1l ( sprayer)
A-26/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
A-26/010 10l
A-26/020 20l
A-26/200 200l
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