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Sani Plus

Air-freshener – Sanification

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Sani Plus

Ready to use, anti-bacterial air-freshener neutralizes unpleasant odors .

Also used as an additive aroma to other washing agents. It does not leave stains. Inhibits the formation of odors for a long period of time Does not contain gases.

Sanitary facilities, office and residential space, locker rooms, waiting rooms, vehicles cabins.
Carpets, floor lining, air condition.
Fragrance component for cleaning agents.
Methods of use
Turn on the circulation and air conditioning set at the highest air flow;
Spray formulation near air circulation points inside the vehicle;
After 10 minutes turn off air conditioning;
After application, do not use the room for about 5 minutes.
When ordering, please choose fragrance.
Product code
S-33Q 0,5l (Package include 16 items)
S-33/001S 1l ( sprayer)
S-33/200 200l
S-33/010 10l
S-33/005 5l
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