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Leder Clean

deep cleaning Heavily soiled leather surfaces

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Leder Clean

A concentrated product for  cleaning varnished grain leather, natural and artificial leather with long-term colour fastness. Removes organic contaminants. 

Attention! Not suitable for nubuck , suede and  oiled leather


Designation  :

  • natural, artificial, varnished grain leather        

Method of use :

  • Apply directly onto a cloth or applicator pad and massage into the surface, leave to dry. Reapply if required.  Can be used after cleansing or dry cleaning. 
  • Note: Not intended for suede, nubuck and oily leather.
Product code
F10/005 5l
F10/010 10l
F10/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
F10/200 200l
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