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Gran MIlk

Current deposits removal – polishing

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Gran MIlk

Concentrated agent removes dirt and grease from enameled, ceramic, chromium plated, steel and aluminum surfaces of all type. Recommended for kitchens and catering equipment. Cleans perfectly, does not irritate skin, leaves fresh, orange aroma.

Cookers, ceramic plates, kitchen countertops, tiles, other kitchen equipment.
Burnt pans, ovens, pots, discolored components and glass dishes.
Methods of use
Ready to use – use without dilution, spray small amount on the surface and then wipe to dry using a rag.
put directly with the cloth on the surface;
Rinse with clean water;
Wipe to dry and polish.
Product code
SP-21/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
SP-21/010 10l
SP-21/200 200l
SP-21/020 20l
SP-21/005 5l
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