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Car Shine

Paintwork shine & care

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Car Shine

Easy to apply, fast acting detail spray creates a shine finish on all types of car paint and other shiny surfaces (chrome, varnished, wood, plastic, glass). It is  polymer enriched formula which fills in minor scratches on paintwork and enhances its colour. Removes light contaminants and hard water spots, speeds up the drying process

Polishing all types of automotive paint (plain, metallic, new, old);
Other shiny surfaces (chrome, plastic, glass, painted wood).
Methods of use
Ready to use – use without dilution, spray small amount on the surface and then wipe to dry using a rag.
Spray on moistend surface or a rag;
Spread on the surface and leave to dry;
Polish is not required; Immediately gives glossy effect;
Attention! Do not use on heated and sunny surface;
Product code
A-33/001S 1l ( sprayer)
A-33/005 5l
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