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Cleaning thoroughly aluminium wheel rims - strong pollutants

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Concentrated anti-corrosion preparation for periodic cleaning of heavily contaminated items from

aluminum alloys and  light metals and stainless steel . Removes settlements from brake blocks and atmospheric  dirt . Can be used for removing the water stone from containers It works quickly.

Heavy contaminated rims and wheels.
Cars, delivery vans, lorries, buses, motors, quads, bikes - high pressure car wash.
Hand car wash
Cars, delivery vans, buses, lorries, canvas covers, motors, tanker lorries, construction machinery; hard lacquers surfaces, stainless steel and aluminum alloy surfaces - high pressure car wash.
Methods of use
1:3 - 1:5 with water;
Spray on the surface or use a rag;
Rinse with high pressure water;
Attention! Dangerous product! Can matte glass surface. Do not use in gastronomy
Product code
A09/010 10l
A09/020 20l
A09/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
A09/200 200l
A09/005 5l
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