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Clean Up Car Wash

Sour preparation for cleaning construction of touchless car wash

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Clean Up Car Wash

Strongly concentrated preparation on the basis on inorganic acids for chemical cleaning and maintenance equipment of touchless car wash including: banner ads, stainless steel components, steel painted. Removes sediment and rubbish generated during the normal work of touchless  car wash, old and current deposits from wax, powder and other chemical compounds including pollution.

Attention!  Do not use the product for glass and surface - permanently mats the glass !



  • Touchless car wash, banner ads, stainless
    steel components, steel painted.


Method of use :

  • 1:3 cleaning of old pollution. 1:10 current clearing.
    Apply on cleaning surface with using sprayer,
    leave for a while, then rinse with a water under
    high pressure (130-150 bar).
Product code
A-45/010 10l
A-45/020 20l
A-45/200 200l
A-45/005 5l
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