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GUM Extra

High gloss rubber protection

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GUM Extra

A highly economical  high-gloss dressing and protectant for rubber and plastic surfaces such as tyres, plastic trims, door seals etc. Enhances and darkens the appearance of rubber and plastic surfaces, leaving a shine finish. Cleans, maintains and protects in one operation. Provides  long lasting protection against dirt  and harmful weathering conditions. Extends the life of the tyre.  No polishing is required. Suitable for use at sub-zero temperatures.


Tires, bumpers, seals, other rubber parts.
Methods of use
• Apply on surface the small amount of preparation by spry or directly. • Distribute evenly with a piece of cloth or brush.
Product code
A-32/020 20l
A-32/010 10l
A-32/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
A-32/200 200l
A-32/005 5l
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