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Gran Clor 2006

Cleaning and the alkaline disinfection (active chlorine)

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Gran Clor 2006

A high alkaline detergent for cleaning and disinfecting sanitary surfaces, machinery, equipments and food-contact surfaces. Contains active chlorine.  Removes grease, heavy soiling and organic stains, mold and mildew. Tested to PN-EN 1276, PN-EN 1650, PN-EN 13697. The biocidal product authorisation No 3126/07. PZH seal of approval No. HŻ/1917/1/2012.

Designation :

  • production and transport of food – all surfaces that come into direct contact with food, alkali-resistant, preparing and cutting meat, fish industry (washing machines,equipment and means of transportation)containers and bins for rubbish and waste, hard floors
  • swimming pools, sanitary rooms, city toilets, showers, sanitary facilities

Method of use: 

  • use the product exactly as described on the package;
  • for disinfection use water at a temperature of 20°C;
  • for general disinfection dilute 200ml/10l of water;
  •  allow 15 minutes contact time; rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water, preferably under pressure;
  •  working solutions should be prepared just prior to using.
  •  Warning! Do not mix with other products. May release dangerous gases (chlorine
Product code
SP-23/020 20l
SP-23/010 10l
SP-23/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
SP-23/200 200l
SP-23/005 5l
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